The Worship Workshop


We are all about worship.

If there’s one thing the church should be about, it’s worship. From true worship comes relationship, vision, evangelism, strength...The list could go on.

Worship isn’t just about singing songs, though that is a great part of it. It’s about expressing your heart to God in a way that is personal to you. A sacrifice if you will, that comes from your heart to God. Scripture is clear that both praise and worship are to be sacrifices.

In true biblical tradition, a sacrifice is something that costs you...Literally, something you give to God and don’t get back. A lamb for-instance, and it had to be the best in the flock, nothing blemished. God never accepted blemished sacrifices, and He never will.

So, worship is a lifestyle that keeps you in communion with God throughout the week, culminating in a time of corporate worship when we gather together on Sunday; glorious.

Let’s remember that worship is a privilege accorded to us by His grace, and not treat it as a common thing.