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Focus - What's it all about?  - by Colin Owen.

In a way this page says more about worship than the others. Focus is so important (see the page on songs). But really though, what is it all about?

I was privileged the other day to visit a URC church in Essex. On pulling onto the car park Carol & I decided to go 'find' a cup of tea. We crossed the road to a cash machine and got some 'dosh', and were just off up the road (walking!) to find our tea, when we saw a chap looking closely at our car. It's a new car (praise the Lord) so we went over to talk to him. It turned out he was a member of the church and used to sell the type of car we now have.

After a few moments chat we announced that we were off to find some tea. He said, "you can get some here". I don't know why that surprised us, you can often get tea in a church. He led us round the side of the somewhat stately church building to a very new looking extension. On entering we found ourselves in a very modern reception area with a book shop and cafeteria. "There's the minister," our guide said, and pointed to a chap beavering away behind the counter serving up tea and biscuits to the locals. "This is our minister, Richard," we were told, and shook hands. I noticed straight away a scripture glued onto the front edge of the serving hatch, it said,

"For as much as you did it to the least of one of these, my brethren, you did it to me".

God spoke to me instantly, "this is what it's all about." He said. "Serving the community." Nothing else makes any sense, without this ingredient. Evangelism, mission work, singing & dancing, shaking, falling on the floor, coming out for prayer, intercession meetings, fasting, speaking in tongues, church growth programs, bible school, 12 piece band on the platform, you name it, it's pointless if we're not reaching our neighbourhood. If we are not serving the local community we are just a bless me club with a limited membership.

This church had believed for the money, and built a super place where the local folk could drop in for lunch. And it was in use too. The un churched were in there using the facilities, and this church wasn't one of your charismatic Pentecostal two step jobs. It was quite 'straight' as a matter of fact, but the love of the Lord was there, and it was evident by the way they were reaching out to the lost. They weren't happy clappy at all, but they were visible to the local community, and actively serving them joyfully. Which do you think God prefers? Bless me believers, or joyful servants?

This is what it's all about, Lord forgive us for our closed attitude. Forgive us for shutting ourselves up in our churches, with our holier than thou noses in the air, ignoring the poor, the needy, and the lost. Lord forgive us.

The Son of man came to serve, not to be served!

Yours in His service,