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If there was ever anyone on God's earth less likely to be a preacher, I'd like to meet them! Painfully shy until God got hold of me, when in front of people, my chin used to shake so much that I could hardly form the words. Now, I'm as bold as anything. Praise the Lord! I bring simple messages that folk can understand and be blessed by.


Having failed the 11 plus, I went to a secondary modern school and was in the B stream! I left at 15 with no qualifications whatsoever, and God uses me to teach! He gives me simple, uncomplicated revelation from His word that is easy to understand.


Most of my Christian life has been involved with Praise and Worship, but especially Worship. I am happy to come to you and share with your musicians, singers, and congregation the things that God has shown me about these most precious areas of Christian living.

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"True inspiration only comes from The Holy Spirit."


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